Pierrot the Clown

Can someone pls buy me the Bowie Record store day releases tomorrow and post them 2 me and I will pay you back because apparently there are no record shops in Aberdeen so I can’t go

I really want wine I do not know why. I don’t even like wine this is what watching Nicky wire Hay on Wye 2006 videos does to you fuckin hell


my favourite part of manix brixton was when i was in the queue and a man sprinted past and he was throwing traffic cones and jumping over wheelie bins and acting like he was in a high speed pursuit but no one was following him????

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This is the first draft of a silly little rhyme I’m penning speaking against obsessing over one’s youth. It’s a bit crap but it’s just meant to bring a slight smile to its reader, that’s all.

Take comfort, dear friend,
In what I will say;
The physical world
Alters no way.

Perspectives may…

I hate when you get bread that’s not your usual loaf but it’s obviously bread it’s just bread how can it be different from the other but it is and it’s a disappointment and bread is a lie everything is a lie